Hey! We're 2aliens, an independent research studio/lab about Machine Learning, Art, Music, Games and Coding.

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2aliens is the umbrella of personal projects created by Gabriela Thumé and Vilson Vieira.

Gabriela Thumé is a Machine Learning Engineer at Extend AI, holds a BSc. in Computer Science and MSc. in Computer Science from USP (University of São Paulo).

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Vilson Vieira is a CTO at Extend AI, holds a BSc. in Computer Science and MSc. in Applied and Computational Physics from USP (University of São Paulo).

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Map to CS/ML a.k.a Global Domination Project ;-)

"What I cannot create, I do not understand." -- Richard Feynman

The best way to start a journey is following a map. Or getting lost on every step on the way. This is a map, a hitchhiker's guide to Computer Science. We're going from Coding to Machine Learning in a creative and artistic way as much as possible. In the end of this journey, you'll accumulate enough knowledge to call yourself a computer hacker.

Every link will bring you to one YouTube video explaining the topic in the most conscise and fun way we were able to create. An opiniated guide to Computer Science delivered as weekly videos.



The Map


We read a lot. Going through weird and interesting corners of the Interwebs is one of our beloved hobbies. Here you'll find some great references that inspired us to create.

Similar Projects

Learning by creating projects from scratch.


Tips / Quotes

"ABC (Always Be Coding). The more you code, the better you’ll get — it’s that simple. By coding, you’re practicing. But the best practice is focused practice. Have goals in mind, explore new areas, and challenge yourself. Over time, you should develop a portfolio of both unfinished and finished projects. GitHub is a great place to put this portfolio on display, but just having an eclectic body of work is huge." (from https://medium.com/always-be-coding/abc-always-be-coding-d5f8051afce2#.4heg8zvm4)

"Improve and maintain, over time Once the rust is gone, and you’re fully prepped, it is dead easy to keep your CS and interview skills sharp: solve one coding question per day. I’ve been doing this for the past 3 years or so, and I’ve realized the following benefits: I’m never out of practice It helps flex mental muscles and improve critical thinking, the same way solving crossword puzzles, brain teasers or playing a game of chess might." (from https://medium.com/@nick.ciubotariu/ace-the-coding-interview-every-time-d169ce1fd3fc)